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PDF Indexer v3.x

PDF IndexerAllow PDFs to be searched via the Joomla/Mambo search module.

This Joomla/Mambo Component allows you to index PDFs located within your Joomla directory and the corresponding mosbot allows that index to be searched using the Joomla search component. This allows the text of PDFs to be viewed when searching a Joomla site.

Version 3.x is here!

New Features:

  • Joomla 1.5 support
  • More bug fixes

Also Featuring:

  • Indexes new pdfs only so indexing is much faster.
  • PDF file version changes.  It will automatically detect if a PDF has changed and index it on the next pass.
  • Delete indexes to PDFs that have been removed from your file structure.
  • Password Protected PDF indexing!
  • Ability to edit past indexes (For those image based pdfs, add keywords, phrases)
  • Improved MosBot
  • Other Various Bug Fixes

Does not work on servers in SafeMode or when Popen is off.

As Always, PDF Indexer features:

  • Unlimited Directories
    List all the directories you want to be indexed and let it do its job!
  • Easy to use
    Really simple interface where you can configure the directories.
  • Access controls
    Set directories to be Public, Registered, or Special.  You can now also set access levels by file.
  • Additional Search Mambot
    Search mambot interfaces with existing Joomla/Mambo search component.

How it works

1. First unzip the zip file you downloaded.  Then install the component and associated plugin and publish the plugin.

2. Next, Upload your PDFs to various folders using your Media Manager or FTP.

3. Click on PDF Indexer in your components section.

You will also see if your permissions are set correctly and if your joomla installation meets the basic requirements for PDF indexer.

4. Select settings/configuration.  From this screen you can select which directories you want to index.  Choose between Public, Registered, or Special indexes.  Registed and Special index will not show results until a user is registered and logged in.  You can also choose to not have directories indexed by selecting "Do Not Index".  (This Screen will not show up until you have at least one PDF uploaded to your Joomla file structure.)

5. Click the Save button to save your configuration and then click on the Index button.   Depending on the amount of PDFs on your site it should take anywhere from a few seconds to a minute or two.

PDF Indexer will now not automatically index pdfs that have been indexed before.  This will greatly increase the efficiency of PDF indexer.  You can also click on PDFs that give you an error and either enter a password for that PDF and reindex it or manually enter keywords for PDFs that have been created from images or screenshots and don't contain indexable text.

Your PDFs will now show up within your search results.

Download PDF indexer Here.

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